Conductivity & Resistivity

The measurement of conductivity and resistivity in liquid water-based solutions is an essential requirement in a wide range of municipal water treatment and industrial processes.Conductivity and resistivity measure the electrical conductivity of a solution, which correlates to the purity of the water or the amount of dissolved ions in the liquid.

ECD’s conductivity sensors can be provided in contacting or non-contacting, toroidal styles. This allows for reliable measurement over the complete range from one microSiemen (1 uS) to one Siemen (1,000,000 uS). The functional resistivity range is 0-20 Meg-ohm.

ECD manufactures a complete line of conductivity electrodes, conductivity sensors, conductivity meters, conductivity controllers, conductivity analyzers and conductivity transmitters. The company also produces resistivity electrodes, resistivity sensors, resistivity meters, resistivity controllers, resistivity analyzers and resistivity transmitters.

S80 Conductivity Sensors