OEM Sensors for Liquid Analytical Measurements

ECD also provides custom engineered design services for OEM customers – specific electronic and sensor designs for customer private labeling. ECD has developed custom designs for customers in various industries, such as: Semiconductor, aerospace, and military applications. Contact ECD for your design requirements.

OEM Sensors for Liquid Analytical Measurements

DS Series Sensors for OEM’s

            • Connect Sensors Directly to the OEM’s control or monitoring system
            • Connect Sensors via MODBUS RTU
            • Connect Sensors via USB
            • Intelligent Sensor: Stores Identity and Calibration Information
            • Replaceable Electrode Cartridges: Application Specific Solution
            • Replaceable Electrode Cartridges: Low cost of Ownership
            • Insertion/Submersion with adjustable gland fittings and Valve Retractable Designs
            • Wide Variety of Materials of Construction for Industrial Applications

DS Series Sensor Measurements

      Multiple measurements available:
      pH – ORP – Conductivity – Resistivity – Dissolved Oxygen – Specific Ions: Ammonium – Bromide – Cadmium – Calcium – Chloride – Cyanide – Copper – Fluoride – Lead – Nitrate – Nitrate – Nitrite – Potassium – Sodium – Sulfide – Silver

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