ECD S80 Electrode Selection Guides

ECD Sensors are available in several configurations common to each of the measurement groups. The ¾” diameter insertion/submersion designs with threaded compression fittings can be inserted into standard pipe tees, flanges or attached to a stand pipe and immersed into a tank or ditch. The valve retractable designs utilize compression fittings and ball valves to facilitate insertion and retraction of the sensor into a flowing pipe or tank without shutting down the flow through the pipe or emptying the tank. The standard materials of construction are 316 L stainless steel and VITON o-rings although options include Monel, Titanium, Hastelloy bodies and EPR, EXTREME and KALREZ o-rings.

ECD S80 sensors use replaceable electrode cartridges. Over the years various electrodes have been formulated and tweeked to provide the best measurement solution to a number of common industrial applications. These off the shelf, custom designs are detailed below in the S80 Selection Guides. The part numbers of the electrode cartridge and insertion/submersion style sensor are compiled next to the various applications, high temperature, slurry, gas scrubbers…Choose a measurement type from the S80 Selection Guides to find the best solution to your application.

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