Turbidity Meter – Triton TR82

Specifications: Turbidity Meter

Triton® TR82

Measurement Range:
-1 sensor,
0 … 1000 NTU, FNU
-2 Sensor
0 … 5000 NTU, FNU
-4 Sensor
0 … 40 NTU, FNU

Display Range/Options

0.0 to 9999  mg/L, % Sol, ppm

Operating Temperature:
-25° C to 50° C (-13° F to 122° F)

The Triton®TR82 is a nephelometric turbidity sensor designed for use in water and wastewater. Turbidity, the cloudiness or haziness of a water sample, is caused by particles suspended in the water, typically clay and silt. Since bacteria and viruses can be attached to these particles, turbidity has become a critical indicator of the overall water quality. The Triton®TR82 uses an optical method for determining the turbidity. A light beams directed into the sample, where it is scattered by suspended particles in the water. The amount of scattering depends on the amount of material in the water, the wavelength of light, and the size and composition of the suspended particles. The Triton®TR82 uses a near infrared LED light source and the 90° scattered light method in accordance with ISO 7027 / EN 27027 to assure
accurate turbidity values under standardized and comparable conditions.

The TR82 response depends on the size, shape and composition of the suspended particles. For this reason,mg/L, ppm and % Solids measurements must be calibrated with suspended solids from the waters
to be monitored. Turbiditymeasurements (NTU, FNU) can be calibrated with calibration standards, such as Formazin, StablCal, or SDVB beads. The Triton®TR82 sensors are available in (4) different ranges. The sensors are 10 inches long by 1 inch diameter with a reference line scored into the PVC body. This indicates the proper insertion depth of the sensor when used with the ECD compression fitting on the flow through Tee.

The Triton® TR82 turbidity sensors are designed to work with the Model T80 Transmitter. The T80 Transmitter allows the turbidity/suspended solids measurement to be combined with any of the other standard measurements, S80 pH, S80 ORP, S80 pIon, S80 Conductivity, S80 Dissolved Oxygen or DO82 Dissolved Oxygen.

The Triton® TR82 Turbidity Meter and Suspended Solids Meter are available in two optical configurations, one with side mounted optics, the Triton® TR82-2 and the other with axially front mounted optics, the Triton® TR82-1. These design options address the fact that reflective surfaces in the emitted lights range will yield artificially high readings. The side mounted optical configuration minimizes interference from surfaces below the sensor while the axially mounted optics avoid interference from surfaces around the sensor. A daylight rejection filter blocks sun light and reduces ambient-light interference. The axial front mounted optics of the Triton® TR82-1 are surrounded with a copper ring that inhibits the growth of algae and other biological films.