UV Analyzers – Model UV6

The Model UV6 Analyzers are a family of on-line sampling analyzers that use UV absorption to perform an analysis. The analyzers are configured to perform analysis over a wide range of values for each parameter measured, Nitrate or the correlation at 254 nm wavelength for COD, BOD or TOC.  The UV6 Analyzers are easy to start up and use, simply connect the sample, waste and cleaning solution/reagent lines and then power up the Factory Calibrated analyzer. Wall mounting hardware is standard but an optional benchtop stand with reagent holder is also available. Accessing information or customizing an analysis routine are easily accomplished with the simple, user friendly menu structure and touch screen interface.
The analysis are based on the measurement of UV absorption in the sample. The absorbance of the solution or gas is measured though a Quartz Flow Cell at a specific wavelength using a long life Xenon light source and photo-detectors. The absorbance is related to the sample concentration according to ‘Beer-Lambert Law’.

Model CA-6 UV Analyzers

Ammonia, 0 – 10 ppm to 0 – 1000 ppm

Nitrate, 0-30 mg/L, 0-100 mg/L, 0-250 mg/L

COD 254 nm, 0-200 mg/L to 0-20,000 mg/L

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