ECD Earned Media, May 2019

The XPB 633 BEADS universally conductive carbon black is intended for use with thermoplastics that must be conductive and have antistatic properties. This carbon is easy to disperse and exhibits high compound melt flowrates and mechanical strength.

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ECD Earned Media, March 2019

The AQUA Series of portable wastewater samplers (photo) consists of three models designed to meet a wide range of sampling requirements. The very small AQUA-Compact, the passively-cooled AQUA-Coolbox and the multi-bottle AQUA-Multix provide plant technicians with comprehensive sampling flexibility.

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ECD Earned Media Feb. 2019

For workers in the water sector, inherent workplace conditions expose them to daily potential for serious injury. Working in the confined spaces under city streets often comes with awkward postures, incessant vibrations, extreme temperatures, and hazardous gases that can injure.

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ECD Earned Media Jan. 2019

With its sealed explosion-proof enclosure and intrinsically safe sensors, the rugged X80-B88-S88 Liquid Analyzer System from Electro Chemical Devices (ECD) now features FM approvals, making it safe for use in hazardous areas in support of the most demanding applications within oil/gas production sites, refining operations and storage terminals.

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ECD Earned Media Dec. 2018

Thomasnet, NA6 Sodium Analyzer, Dec. 19

PIN, X80-B88-S88 Liquid Analyzer, Dec. 17

CEP Magazine, Cyanide Analyzer, Dec. 1 issue

World of Chemicals (Chemical Equipment Today), Cyanide Analyzer, Dec. 2018, pg. 76, see PDF attached.