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ECD Earned Media, October 2019

Anaheim, CA—October 22, 2019—With its all-in-one design, the versatile CA900 Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) delivers continuous, accurate measurement of fluoride in aqueous solutions to support a wide range of municipal water and industrial plant process and effluent treatment applications.   Thomasnet, CA900 Fluoride Analyzer, Oct. 22 https://news.thomasnet.com/fullstory/new-ca900-fluoride-analyzer-comes-with-electrode-measurement-technology-40030620 Control, Product Roundup, FCX80 free chlorine analyzer for hazardous areas, Oct. 27 […]

ECD Earned Media, May 2019 – WE&T

Clean Water Services (CWS; Hillsboro, Ore.) has spent several years expanding its energy efficiency program to focus on capital, operations, and maintenance changes. Since 2007, CWS has implemented more than 70 energy saving projects and saved annually more than 9,000,000 kWh/yr.

Eco-Friendly CA-6 Colorimetric Analyzer Helps Verify Copper Removal from Industrial Wastewater

Anaheim, CA—June 24, 2019—With its adjustable cycle time that minimizes costly reagent use and low maintenance, process engineers tasked with treating industrial wastewater containing copper (Cu) will find the precision CA-6 Colorimetric Copper Analyzer from  Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) helps them protect valuable water resources. ECD’s CA-6 Copper Analyzer is an on-line sequential sampling analyzer. It automatically performs a controlled sequence […]

ECD Earned Media, May 2019

The XPB 633 BEADS universally conductive carbon black is intended for use with thermoplastics that must be conductive and have antistatic properties.

ECD Earned Media, March 2019

The AQUA Series of portable wastewater samplers (photo) consists of three models designed to meet a wide range of sampling requirements. The very small AQUA-Compact, the passively-cooled AQUA-Coolbox and the multi-bottle AQUA-Multix provide plant technicians with comprehensive sampling flexibility.

ECD Earned Media Feb. 2019

For workers in the water sector, inherent workplace conditions expose them to daily potential for serious injury. Working in the confined spaces under city streets often comes with awkward postures, incessant vibrations, extreme temperatures, and hazardous gases that can injure.

ECD Earned Media Jan. 2019

With its sealed explosion-proof enclosure and intrinsically safe sensors, the rugged X80-B88-S88 Liquid Analyzer System from Electro Chemical Devices (ECD) now features FM approvals, making it safe for use in hazardous areas in support of the most demanding applications within oil/gas production sites, refining operations and storage terminals.

ECD Earned Media Dec. 2018

The Inline NA6 Sodium Analyzer is offered with advanced glass electrode sensor that is capable of measuring sodium in water to ppb, ppm or mb/l levels. The sensor produces electrical signals when exposed to raw process or treated process water.

New Highly Intelligent PPB Sodium Trace Analyzer Offers Flexible Operation and Economy

Ideal For High-Purity and Ultra-Pure Water Requirements In Power Generation, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals and More Anaheim, CA—December 19, 2018—Engineers whose processes and plants depend on high-purity and ultra-pure water will find the new advanced inline NA6 Sodium Analyzer from Electro Chemical Devices (ECD) sets a new industry standard for performance, ease-of-use and economy to protect equipment […]

Versatile ECD LQ800 Multi-Channel Controller Offers Total Solution to Disinfection and Water Quality

Anaheim, CA—May 23, 2019—Plant engineers responsible for municipal or industrial water and wastewater treatment operations will find the LQ800 Multi-Channel Controller from Electro-Chemical Devices offers them a complete process measurement analytical platform suitable for water disinfection or wastewater treatment, as well as industrial plant applications that address a wide range of parameters affecting water quality. […]

New FM/ATEX Approved FCX80 Free Chlorine Analyzer Designed for Hazardous Area Applications

Anaheim, CA—April 15, 2019—With its advanced plumb and play design, economical reagent-less sensors and rugged construction, the new FCX80 Free Chlorine Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices is FM/ATEX/IECEx approved for hazardous area water and wastewater treatment processes in municipal and industrial plants. The panel mounted FCX80 is a ready-to-use free chlorine analyzer intended for hazardous locations. […]

ECD Introduces New AQUA Series Of Portable Wastewater Samplers

Ideal for Municipal Sewage Treatment and Stormwater or Industrial Organic or Inorganic Wastewater Anaheim, CA—January 23, 2019—Technicians responsible for municipal or industrial wastewater treatment systems will find that the new AQUA Series of Portable Wastewater Samplers from Electro Chemical Devices (ECD) provides them with a choice of accurate, reliable samplers designed for convenience and with […]

New IoT Web-Enabled CA900 Titration Analyzer Measures Alkalinity Automatically and Accurately

Ideal for Water & Wastewater, Food/Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor   Anaheim, CA—January 26, 2018—Engineers and laboratory technicians responsible for maintaining alkaline and pH levels in balance to support a wide range of municipal and industrial water-based processes will find the new IoT web-enabled CA900 Titration Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) automates the process of routine alkalinity […]

ATEX and IECEx Approved X-80 Analyzer System Goes Where Others Can’t Into Hazardous Area Process Conditions

Ideal For Petro Chemical Production, Refining, Distribution and Storage   Anaheim, CA—September 13, 2017—Plant engineers in the petrochemical industries required to measure pH, ORP, DO, conductivity, resistivity or various specific ions where potentially explosive, combustible or flammable conditions exist will find the X80-S88 Analyzer System from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) provides safe, reliable liquid monitoring. The highly intelligent X80-S88 […]

All-In-One High Range Free Chlorine Analyzer For Food Rinse, Wash and Disinfection Applications

Economical, Easy-To-Install Panel Mount System Offers Low Maintenance  Anaheim, CA—March 20, 2017—Food processing engineers responsible for rinsing, washing and disinfecting fruits, vegetables and other disinfecting processes will find the new plug-n-play FC80 High Range Free Chlorine Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) simplifies water-based disinfection while installing easily and requiring less maintenance for lower total cost-of-ownership. […]