You’ll find ECD’s innovative technologies and advanced analyzer instruments are suitable for a wide range of applications in diverse industries, which have been documented and profiled on major industry web sites, trade publications and technical journals.



SENTINEL Pre-pHAULT technology Provides Predictive Maintenance Information

White Paper: SENTINEL Pre-pHAULT technology – Smart Diagnostic Data Monitoring Provides Predictive Maintenance for Analyzer Sensors & Systems

SENTINEL Pre-pHAULT technology detects sensor wear and provides just-in-time alert to replace electrodes.

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Chlorination of Reclaimed Water

Water Plant Improves Accuracy of Chlorine Analyzers and Reduces Maintenance Costs at the Same Time

The TCA-22 Total Chlorine Analyzer System, which features a reagent-less design, elimates the supply cost and replacement labor common with chlorine analyzers.

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Turbidity Sensors Monitor Filter Backwashing

Filter backwashing is a critical part of the drinking water production process, which requires turbidity monitoring.

The ECD TR8 Turbidity Analyzer features a unique multi-path optical assembly for superior accuracy.

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Sentinel Sensors Monitor Electrode Degradation

Sentinel Sensors – Multichamber reference cell ensures measurement accuracy of electrochemical sensors

New Sentinel Electro-Chemical Sensor monitors electrode degradation to predict sensor replacement.

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Free Chlorine Analyzer - ECD

Free Chlorine Measurement in the Process Industries

Free Chlorine Measurement in the Process Industries

The new FCA-22 Free Chlorine Analyzer has wide application across many Industries with improved accuracy and lower maintenance requirements.

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