Oil in Water Sensors – Model OIW80

OIW80 Oil in Water Sensor

The OIW80 Series Oil in Water Sensor is a complete solution for difficult oil in water measurements in waste water, industrial effluent monitoring, aquaculture,  and all types of environmental surface water. The OIW80 optical oil in water sensor uses fluorescence sensing technology to determine the concentration of oil in water. The use of this optical method minimizes maintenance, increase reliability and improves the long term accuracy of the measurement in demanding municipal waste water and industrial wastewater applications.

The ECD Analyzers 6 point Advantage:

1. Optical Oil in Water Sensor Analyzer System: OIW80  sensor utilizes the state-of-the-art Fluorescence technology which the measurement is typically proportional to its concentration.

2. Intelligent Sensor with Stored Calibration Data: advanced 2nd generation software algorithms and digital communication

3. Advanced Sensor Surface Wiper Design: Direct insertion Oil in Water sensors must have an advanced automated wiper system to avoid continuous manual maintenance cleaning.

4. Multiple Measuring Ranges: The sensor can be easily configured for various ranges up to 30 ppm.

5. Universal Design with Rugged Sensor Material and Detachable Cable: Sensor housing construction utilizing strong corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Material or optional Titanium.

6. Interfaces directly with any T80 Transmitter & LQ800 Controller: 4 to 20 mA with MODBUS RTU or HART Communication, Relays, Timers and more.

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