Sodium Analyzer – Model NA6

by ECD Analyzers

Compact online analyzer for the automatic measurement of Sodium

The Model NA6 Sodium Analyzer is an on-line sequential sampling analyzer for low trace levels of Sodium.  The sodium measurement is based on the proven accuracy of the glass sodium electrode for the online potentiometry detection of low ppb traces of sodium. The sodium sensor develops a potential proportional to the log of the sodium concentration, after the pH of the sample is raised to 11 to eliminate pH and ammonium interference. This is obtained using reagent vapor addition.

The NA6 Sodium Analyzer is assembled with three separated sections with lockable doors. To ensure complete separation between from the electronics, the bottom section is the LIQUIDS section. It includes all of the components involved in the sensing, flow, mixing and reaction stages of the sample and reagents.  The middle section contains the standards solution, and the top section is the ELECTRICAL enclosure. It includes the main power supply, the controller PCB assembly and the touch screen interface.

Applications of this analyzer include:

  • Power utilities
  • Cooling water
  • Water steam cycle
  • Condensate analysis
  • Boiler feedwater
  • Reversed osmosis
  • Turbine protection
  • Demineralization plants
  • High Purity water
  • Process water

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