Fluid Handling Magazine, OIW80 Sensor, Nov. 30

The new OIW80 Sensor from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) has given a boost to engineers at municipal water or wastewater facilities and industrial plants.

The devices help them to quickly detect oil in water leak incidents requiring fast response actions.

This prevents further contamination of drinking water, fouling of batch processes, damage to plant equipment and/or contamination of sensitive water ecosystems.

Oil in water is a serious issue for municipal drinking water and wastewater treatment.

Engineers must monitor operations for oil contamination from storm water, oil pipeline leaks, refinery spills or other industrial plant accidents.

Oil leaks can affect surface water from streams, rivers or lakes, as well as ground water and water storage systems such as reservoirs and storage tanks. Industrial plant engineers responsible for water-dependent processes, products and services also must worry about oil leaks.

Industries vulnerable to oil-in-water contamination include electric power, chemicals and more.

Oil-in-water leaks also can affects plant water re-use and effluent treatment processes prior to discharge.

The highly intelligent, precision OIW80 Sensor reliably measures oil in water over a range of 0 to 30 ppm (mg/L), and it can be factory preconfigured to measure oil in multiple ranges or easily set in the field.

This rugged, high-performance responsive sensor operates over a temperature range from 5oC to 45oC to quickly detect leaks and alert plant technicians.

Designed for demanding and/or dirty plant environments, the highly dependable OIW80 Sensor features a built-in wiper cleaning system to remove bio solids and films that might cloud the sensor window’s visibility. The sensor features a built-in automatic screen window wiper that reduces technician manual checks and the frequency of scheduled maintenance cleanings.