For more than thirty years ECD has continued to supply leading edge measurement and control solutions to the process control industries. From the first two wire Conductivity Transmitter 30 years ago to the SENTINEL PrepHault sensor life indicator today, ECD has continued to develop technological breakthroughs that Bring Simplicity to the Solution.


  • Real Time diagnostics for sensors
  • Two-Wire Conductivity Transmitters
  • pHA 351 Combination Analyzer / Calibrator
  • Universal Transmitters And Sensors
  • Diagnostics For Sensors — Real Time
  • Micro-P Based Two-Wire Transmitter
  • Sentinel PrepHault Analyzer
  • Reagent-less Free and Total Chlorine Analyzers
  • Digital sensors with stored sensor data
  • Replaceable pH, ORP, DO and pIon electrode cartridges

ECD’s commitment
to research and development continues to provide technological breakthroughs