Turbidity Suspended Solids Analyzers – Triton® TR6

Specifications: Turbidity Suspended Solids Analyzers

Dual Range Triton® TR6

Measurement Range:
-1 sensor,
0.0 … 250.0 NTU, FNU & 0 … 1000 NTU, FNU
-2 Sensor
0.0 … 500.0 NTU, FNU & 0 … 2000 NTU, FNU
-3 Sensor
0 … 1000 NTU, FNU& 0 … 4000 NTU, FNU
-4 Sensor
0 … 2000 NTU, FNU & 0 … 4000

0.0 to 9999  mg/L, % Sol, ppm

Operating Temperature:
-20° C to 70° C (-4° F to 158° F)

Turbidity Suspended Solids Analyzers – The Triton® TR6 is a infrared optical sensor designed for analysis of turbidity or suspended solids in water and wastewater. The Triton TR6 is available in two optical configurations, one with side mounted optics, for flow through and immersion service and the other with axially front mounted optics, for immersion service or vertical mounting in a piping system. The Triton® TR6 sensors are designed to work with the Model T80 Transmitter (Single Channel only) or the C22 analyzer. The C22 allows the turbidity/suspended solids measurement to be combined with any of the other standard measurements, pH, ORP, pIon, Conductivity or Dissolved Oxygen.

The Triton® TR6 Turbidity Analyzers are available in two optical configurations, one with side mounted optics, the Triton® TR6-2 or -3 and the other with axially front mounted optics, the Triton® TR6-1. These design options address the fact that reflective surfaces in the emitted lights range will yield artifically high readings. The side mounted optical configuration minimizes interference from surfaces below the sensor while the axially mounted optics avoid interference from surfaces around the sensor. A daylight rejection filter blocks sun light and reduces ambient-light interference. The axial front mounted optics of the Triton® TR6-1 are surrounded with a copper ring that inhibits the growth of algae and other biological films.
The Triton® TR6 sensors are dual range sensors, each having a low range output and a high range output. Either the high channel or low channel can be displayed by simply switching the signal wire to the input card.

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