The precise measurement of pH (acidic or basic) is critical in a wide range of industrial processes, drinking water treatment and municipal wastewater treatment. In water and other liquid solutions, the pH level indicates the hydrogen ion concentration, which is typically between 1 and 10 x -14 gram equivalents per litre, pH, a logarithmic function converts the concentration into pH values between 0 and 14.

Typical applications of pH monitoring in drinking water include: the filtration system and contact chambers. In municipal wastewater treatment, pH is measured at the plant intake (incoming sample), aeration basins, sludge digesters, and plant outgoing water (effluent). For industrial processes, there are dozens of applications and pH measurement points in petrochemical processing, food and beverage production, electronics and semiconductor fabrication, metals and mining, pulp/paper, biotech/pharmaceuticals, power generation and environmental monitoring.

ECD offers a broad line of rebuildable pH Sensors designed for highly accurate pH measurement with the lowest total cost of ownership. Our pH Sensor designs have been proven in a wide variety of the most severe pH applications. Key features include application-specific pH sensors, replaceable long-life sensor cartridges for a low operating cost, industry leading pressure and temperature capabilities, a variety of sensor materials, built-in signal conditioning for a precise noise-free signal and the SENTINEL “PrepHault” sensor life indicator for trouble-free operation.

ECD manufactures a complete product line of pH electrodes, pH sensors, pH meters, pH controllers, pH analyzers and pH transmitters.