Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) measures the potential of a solution to accept or donate electrons, oxidation potential or reduction potential, respectively. When “noble” metal electrodes, usually platinum or gold,are immersed in a solution a millivolt potential is generated equivalent to the ORP of the solution.

The accurate measurement of ORP is useful in the treatment of municipal drinking water and municipal wastewater, as well as in a wide range of industrial processes with applications in petrochemical plants, electronics and semiconductor fabrication, metals and mining, biotech/pharmaceutical, power generation, aquatic parks and environmental monitoring systems.

The ECD ORP sensor is a simple, cost-effective design that combines high performance with low life cycle costs. The ORP sensor is designed without glass allowing for a wide range of harsh applications. Key features include: platinum or gold sensing tips, various materials of construction and economical, easily replaceable electrode cartridges.

ECD manufactures a complete product line of ORP electrodes, ORP sensors, ORP controllers, ORP transmitters, ORP meters and ORP analyzers.