C22 Smart Controller

Specifications C22 pH Controller

Measurement Range
pH: -1 to 14.5 pH
ORP: -1000 to 1000 mV
Specific Ion: 0.1 to 1000 ppb, ppm, ppt, auto-ranging
Dissolved O2: 0 to 40 ppm, mg/l or % saturation
Conductivity: 0 to 2 Siemens
Resistivity: 0 to 20 meg-ohms
Turbidity: 0 to 4000 NTU

The C22 Smart pH Controller, features ECD’s advanced Multi-Bus architecture. The Multi-Bus design enables customization of up to four inputs and six outputs in a convenient 1/2 DIN, NEMA 4X enclosure. It is available as a 24 VDC or 110/220 VAC powered analyzer. The C22 Smart pH Controller is available as a single or dual channel instrument with any combination of pH, ORP, Ion, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Conductivity or Resistivity measurements. The dual channel instruments can provide channel comparisons, like % rejection across a filter, measurement compensation for interfering ions on the primary parameter or configurable conductivity concentration curves that display auto-ranging ppb, ppm and parts per thousand values.

The 4-20 mA outputs and 250 VAC 5A SPDT relays can interact with the AND/OR logic channels (16), Timers, trigger-able Hold function, PID and/or PWM, these are just a few of the powerful features in this easy to use pH controller.

Four menus provide access to all of the C22 pH controller’s functions. The Buffer Menu provides for calibration and sensor standardization. The Set Up Menu allows access to the set points, ranges and other channel related features. The Status Menu displays raw sensor input data. The Configuration Menu assigns parameters to the relays, 4-20 outputs and control functions. Each menu can be password protected.

The C22 Smart pH Controller finds special application in the HYDRA Nutrient sensors where (3) inputs are measured and displayed. The Ammonium (NH4+, K+, pH) and Nitrate (NO3-, Cl-, NH4+) versions utilize the interfering ion compensation while the Ammonium version also uses a pH compensation algorithm to correct for the ammonia/ammonium dissociation.

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