Alkalinity Analyzers – CA900


The CA900 Series Analyzers are a family of on-line sequential sampling analyzers that use various automated analytical technologies to perform an analysis. When configured for alkalinity measurements, titration technology is used for the most cost effective, ease of use and low maintenance method.

The CA900 alkalinity Analyzers are easy to start up and use, simply connect the sample, waste and reagent lines and then power up the factory calibrated analyzer. Wall mounting hardware is standard but an optional benchtop stand with reagent holder is also available. Accessing information or customizing an analysis routine are easily accomplished with the simple, user friendly menu structure and touch screen interface. The analyzer can be “web enabled” for remote monitoring and interfacting with personal handheld devices and computers.

Model CA900 Alkalinity

Selectable Measuring Ranges:  0 to >1000, 200 to 1000, 50 to 200, and 0 to 50 ppm or mg/l

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Features & Benefits

• Simple
Easy Installation
User Friendly Menus with Touchscreen Interface
Web Enabled Functionality
• Reliable
Automated Titration Technology
Separate Electronics and Hydraulics Liquid Compartments
Multiple Output Selections
• Cost Effective
Data Logging
Low Maintenance
Low Reagent usage