Cation Conductivity – CE800

Cation Conductivity Analyzer

The CE800 Series Analyzers are a family of on-line Cation Conductivity Analyzers. Cation Conductivity is also known as Acid Conductivity and Conductivity After Cation Exchange and is the measure of electrolytic conductivity of a liquid sample after that liquid sample has passed through an ion exchange resin column containing cation resin. The conductivity of makeup water, feedwater and condensate after passing through a colum of strongly acid cation exchanger resin is an important chemical measurment used in steam generating power plants.

The CE800 Cation Conductivity Analyzers are easy to start up and use, simply connect the sample lines and then power up the factory calibrated analyzer. Enclosure with wall mounting hardware is standard. The analyzer utilized the complete capabilities of the ECD T80 Transmitters and S80 sensors for conductivity and pH if so desired. Outputs include 4 to 20 mA, relays and MODBUS communication with HART comm as an option.

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