Total Chlorine TC80 Analyzer Requires No Reagents For Accurate Measurement at a Lower Cost of Ownership

Anaheim, CA—September 22, 2022—With its reagent-less amperometric sensor design, the highly accurate TC80 Total Chlorine Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) eliminates consumables, simplifies installation and reduces maintenance to lower the total cost of instrument ownership over its long life.

ECD’s TC80 Total Chlorine Analyzer is a panel mounted, ready-to-use right out of the box instrument that’s compliant with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Method 334.0. Its versatile design monitors total chlorine in drinking water, industrial cooling and rinse water, wastewater or other disinfected fresh water samples that contain chlorine over a wide range that can be scaled depending on the user’s needs.

The TC80 Cl2 Analyzer’s total chlorine sensor is a precision three-electrode amperometric sensor, which measures all chlorine species in the water, combined chlorine and free chlorine. It is available in either: (1) a standard high-range configuration measuring Cl2 from 0.05 to 20 ppm or (2) a standard low-range configuration of 0.005 to 2.000 ppm. The analyzer comes factory pre-calibrated to the chosen measurement range before shipment, which speeds set-up.

Total chlorine is defined as the combined amount of free chlorine, chloramine, organic and bound chlorine in a water sample. The TC80’s Cl2 sensor is a three-electrode amperometric sensor with a gold cathode, silver halide anode and 304 SS counter electrode. The TC80’s built-in pH sensor provides accurate compensation for samples between pH 4 and pH 12, eliminating the need for expensive sample conditioning systems to control the pH of the solution.

This complete TC80 Cl2 Analyzer solution thus requires no additional third-party components. Everything needed comes in one box and is assembled on a panel mount board. The plumb-plug-and-play design incorporates a flow control device, the pH sensor, the chlorine sensor and the highly intelligent T80 transmitter, which are all conveniently mounted on the instrument’s ready-to-mount PVC panel.

No special technician training or tools are required for installing the TC80 Cl2 Analyzer. Technicians simply connect the sample and drain lines, connect the power and outputs and the analyzer is ready to use. The analyzer’s amperometric sensor technology and automatic pH compensation keep the cost of ownership low by requiring no inventory of expensive reagents on a shelf, tracking/ordering of reagents or valuable technician labor time to replace them.

The TC80 Analyzer’s automatic flow control and large flow tubes and cells greatly reduce clogs and blockages of the analyzer, which is a common problem in other total chlorine analyzers and allows for easy cleaning. It also can be ordered with an auto cleaning option to keep the chlorine sensor clean from contaminants for an extended period of time. This useful time scheduled pressure-spray washer keeps particles from adhering and building up on the sensor.

The TC80 Cl2 Analyzer is available with either 110-240 VAC or 24 VDC power. The TC80 graphically displays both the total chlorine and pH levels, which supports easy trend analysis. The standard configuration has two 4-20 mA outputs and three alarm relays, 24 VDC or 110/220 AC power.

A choice of MODBUS and/or HART communication is available. Both digital bus communication options report Cl2 analysis data directly to automated process control systems that can adjust Cl2 levels in the process stream according to real-time conditions.