Seawater Dechlorination Analyzer – Model DCA-23

Seawater DeChlorination Analyzer DCA-23

Seawater DeChlorination Analyzer – Model DCA-23

The Model DCA-23 Seawater Dechlorination Analyzer is a single purpose analyzer designed to monitor the chlorination and/or dechlorination of sea water from 0.00 – 2.00 ppm. The DCS-23 Seawater Dechlorination Analyzer comes complete with T23 Transmitter, sensors, piping and valves ready for an easy plumb and play installtion. Just connect the water inlet and outlet, and electrical connections of power and tranmitter output. The DCA-23 provides an accurate and economical solution to the measurement of chlorine in seawater used in heat exchangers or at desalination plants.

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