Portable Colorimetric Chlorine Test Kit


Portable Colorimetric Chlorine Test Kit

Model HCA1 Portable Colorimetric Chlorine Test Kit

  • Easy to Use
  • Accurate and Repeatable
  • Multi-parameter meter
  • Uses USEPA approved method

The Electro-Chemical Devices HCA1 Portable Colorimetric Chlorine Test Kit is ideal for testing Free and Total Chlorine in drinking water, waste water, environmental waters, cooling towers and rinse waters in the food and beverage industry. The Portable Colorimetric Chlorine Test Kit is designed to use the Micro Strip reagent delivery system. The kit is supplied with 100 test strips for Free Chlorine and 100 test strips for Total Chlorine. Test strips for Combined Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, High Range Chlorine, and Peracetic Acid are also available for the HCA1 Chlorine Plus meter.

This DPD test system used in the Portable Colorimetric Chlorine Test Kit  is accepted by most health departments because this test is USEPA (DIN Standard 38 408 G4, ISO 7393/2) accepted for testing requirements for Free and Total Chlorine. All tests have been calibrated using certified reference standards and standard analytical spectrophotometric methods. The algorithm in the software of the Portable Colorimetric Chlorine Test Kit mirrors the AWWA, US EPA , DIN, and ISO reference test methods for chlorine. Studies show that the HCA1 Chlorine Plus System, with the Micro Strip CL (DPD-1), repeatedly agrees with an EPA Compliant reference method greater than 99% (R2= 0.9989, 0 – 6.0 ppm). The HCA1 Chlorine Plus Advanced Photometric System has been factory calibrated for your convenience. You can expect the fixed calibrations in the meter to be valid for the life of the meter due to the long life LED, the photo cell and the software.

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