ORP Transmitter – Model T80 Universal

ORP Transmitter

Specifications for the T80 ORP Transmitter

Measurement range: -1500 mV – 1500 mV

Accuracy: ± 1 mV

Construction: Polycarbonate, NEMA 4X, ½ DIN, L x W x H (5.7” x 5.7” x 3.5”)

The Model T80 ORP Transmitter is one part of the Model T80 Universal Transmitter product line. The T80 Transmitter offering includes the pH Transmitter, ORP Transmitter, Ion Selective Transmitter, Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter, Conductivity Transmitter and Resistivity Transmitter. The T80 Transmitters are available as single channel or dual channel instruments. The Model T80 transmitter digitally communicates with any ECD S80 digital sensor, automatically configuring the transmitter’s menus and display screens to the measured parameter. There is no longer a need to inventory multiple instrument types, the one Model T80 ORP transmitter will automatically configure to any of the listed measurements.

The Model T80 ORP transmitter is available as a loop powered (single channel only), a 24 VDC or a 100/240 VAC powered transmitter. All versions are available with the optional HART® output. The line powered instruments have one 4-20 mA output per channel and MODBUS RTU. Available options include HART® communication and an Alarm Relay package. The (3) relays can be configured as Alarm (set point) relays, timer activated relays or Fault relays.

The Model T80 ORP Transmitter features a large easily viewed LCD display. Loop powered instruments have Black lettering on a Grey background, while 100-240 VAC and 24 VDC powered instruments have Blue lettering on a White background when the LED backlight is on. The Model T80 display is easily switched between the single and dual channel display modes.

The Model T80 has a simple and intuitive menu structure. Navigation through the various display and information screens is accomplished using membrane switch keys tied to a soft key display detailing the membrane switch function.

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