Enviro-Tech Features CA900 Analyser

New fluoride analyser’s all-in-one design preconditions sample for reliable measurement

With its all-in-one design, the versatile CA900 Analyser from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) delivers continuous, accurate measurement of fluoride in aqueous solutions to support a wide range of municipal water and industrial plant process and effluent treatment applications.

The dependable CA900 Fluoride Analyser’s unique all-in-one design eliminates the need for additional water sample pretreatment equipment, reducing installation complexity, maintenance tasks and lifecycle costs. This advanced design is based on ECD’s rugged industrial grade ion selective electrode measurement technology.

Fluoride (F-) is derived from common fluorine, which is naturally and widely found in the earth’s crust. Low concentrations of fluoride also occur in sea water, rivers and rain. It is well known as a municipal drinking water additive to promote dental health, as well as in tooth pastes, mouth washes and some medicines. This useful chemical also has a variety of industrial uses including hydrofluoric acid, semiconductor etching, glass frosting and in the production of specialty materials such as Teflon, textiles and insecticides.

The CA900 Fluoride Analyser’s mixing chamber contains fluoride ion electrodes and pH electrodes for measurement purposes. It features automated titration technology. A TISAB reagent is flowed to provide an ionic strength adjustment to the liquid sample, breaking down weak complexes formed with fluoride and other metals, such as aluminum or iron, prior to the actual fluoride concentration measurement. A pH compensation technique is employed along with special algorithms to provide accurate fluoride measurement across multiple pH ranges.

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