ECD Earned Media, May 2019 – WE&T

Building an Energy Program
Engagement of operations and maintenance staff and energy efficiency partners
Tonya Zinzer and Nicolas Varela

Clean Water Services (CWS; Hillsboro, Ore.) has spent several years expanding its energy efficiency program to focus on capital, operations, and maintenance changes. Since 2007, CWS has implemented more than 70 energy saving projects and saved annually more than 9,000,000 kWh/yr. These improvements have been successful by involving staff from the local energy efficiency program, which is Energy Trust of Oregon (Portland, Ore.), as well as CWS supervisory, operations, and maintenance staff at each facility. CWS has developed a program that results in lasting energy savings and a strong partnership with local resources.

WEF, Total Organic Carbon Analyzer, June 1–technology2/wet-magazine—june-2019/

WEF, Total Organic Carbon Analyzer, May 1–technology2/wet-magazine—may-2019/