Triton TR82 turbidity analyzer

With its next-generation highly intelligent plug-and-play optical sensor combined with a dual- or optional multi-channel controller, the new TR82 Turbidity Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) offers process and plant engineers a versatile, cost-effective solution to accurate, dependable water quality measurement.

The Triton TR82 Analyzer’s advanced nephelometric sensor relies on proven optical technology that determines turbidity with a light beam directed into the sample where it is scattered by suspended particles in the water. The amount of scattering is proportional to the wavelength of the light source and the size and composition of the suspended particles. The Triton TR82’s near-infrared (IR) LED light source operates using the 90-degree scattered light method, which is in accordance with ISO 7027 / EN 27027 to assure accuracy under standard conditions.

The precision TR82 optical sensor’s response depends on the size, shape and composition of the suspended par1cles. For this reason, the TR82 sensor’s mg/L, ppm and %-solids measurements are calibrated with actual user water samples. Turbidity measurements (NTU, FNU) are calibrated with calibration standards, such as Formazine, StablCal or SDVB beads.

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