T28 Transmitter Suitable For Hazardous Environments

The highly intelligent Model T28 Transmitter designed for ECD’s innovative analytical instrumentation product line has received FM and CSA approvals. These approvals allow the Model T28 to be used in hazardous locations where combustible gases and vapors are potentially present and represent a safety hazard to people, equipment and facilities.

ECD’s Model T28 Transmitter is a sophisticated microprocessor-based, two-wire design that is intrinsically safe, explosion-proof and easy to use. The electronics are sealed and meet the requirements of FM Class I, II and III, Div 1, Groups A-G, making it suitable for application in a wide range of hazardous industries, including chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, and others.

The feature-rich Model T28 in combination with ECD’s popular universal S10 and S17 sensors represents a powerful analytical instrumentation system for the measurement of pH, ORP, specific Ion (pION), dissolved oxygen, conductivity or resistivity. The Model T28 features a versatile digital display with a 24-character supertwist alphanumeric LCD screen that displays operational and diagnostic menus. The LCD module can be rotated to accommodate viewing angles in a variety of installation mounting orientations. Contrast is adjustable for differing ambient light conditions. The main menu displays the process identification, variables (in engineering units), percent output and temperature.

ECD’s T28 transmitter is enclosed in a 300 series stainless steel housing that meets NEMA 7 requirements for rugged outdoor operating conditions. The enclosure incorporates sealed and isolated wiring and electronics compartments. A universal style mounting bracket allows for easy wall or pipe mounting.

Calibration and parameter selections are simply performed using a magnetic screwdriver accessed through the front viewing window. This approach eliminates the need to declassify the hazardous area during routine maintenance.

The 24 VDC loop powered Model T28 transmitter sends an isolated 4-20 mA current signal to a DCS, PLC, controller or recorder. The transmitter can be located up to 3 miles from the power source.