ppb Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer – Model DO90

Triton® DO90 ppb Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

The Triton® DO90 is designed for the continuous measurement of trace levels of dissolved oxygen in aqueous systems. The primary application of the Triton DO90 is in the monitoring of boiler feed water.

ECD’s ppb dissolved oxygen analyzer features an industrial design with a long life, quick and easy electrode replacement.

The Model DO90 ppb dissolved oxygen analyzer measures trace DO2 and is available as separate components, sensor, fittings, flow cell, Model T80 Transmitter or as a complete panel mounted system. The Panel mounted system is a complete plumb and play device, mount the panel (17” x 12” panel), plumb ¼” sample tubing to the tube fittngs and power to the analyzer either Loop Powered, 24 VDC, or 110/220 VAC. The system is also available as a complete kit, less the panel, for mounting to an existing water panel.

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