Contacting Design
The ECD CS10/17 and RS10/17 Conductivity and Resistivity sensors cover the full measurement range from High Purity water to concentrated brines. Constructed of 316 Stainless Steel (Std.), Titanium or Hastelloy with PVDF insulators and dual o-ring seals of your choice.

Toroidal (Non Contacting) Design
Toroidal Conductivity is an inductive measurement made between two coils inside the sensor that are inductively coupled through the surrounding solution. The ECD Toroidal CS10/17 sensors are ideal for high conductivity solutions like % concentration measurements or any application that coats or corrodes the standard contacting conductivity sensors.

Model CSX2
The ECD Model CSX2 conductivity sensor is designed for high pressure, high temperature conductivity measurements. It is an ideal choice for boiler control applications, blowdown control, condensate monitoring, leak detection on heat exchangers, and steam purity measurements.