Next-Generation Steam Sterilizable Sensor Reduces Costs for Sanitary pH Measurement

Ideal For Sanitary Processes: Pharmaceutical, BioTech and Food / Beverage Large-Scale Production Vessels, Benchtop Reactors, and R&D Reactors

Process engineers who need to measure pH in sanitary liquid processes that require steam-in-place (SIP) or clean-in-place (CIP) operation will find the breakthrough SE Series Steam Sterilizable Electrodes and SF Series Fittings from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) deliver a long-life, lower- cost solution.

The advanced SE Series pH electrodes are 12 mm diameter, gel filled, sealed combination pH electrodes that are designed for use with ECD’s SF Series fittings. These exceptionally smooth-surface fittings are able to be cleaned/sterilized in accordance with EHEDG criteria (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group). They feature AISI 316L stainless steel wetted materials with a surface finish of Ra = 0.8 µm (optional Ra = 0.4 µm) and use FDA compliant O-ring seals.

The rugged SE Series pH electrodes and SF Series fittings are in-situ steam sterilizable or autoclavable. They support a wide range of fermentation and water treatment processes. The rigorous nature of many biotech, food / beverage and pharmaceutical fermentation processes when combined with SIP or CIP requirements dramatically shortens the life of conventional pH sensors.

The innovative SE Series pH electrodes solve this problem with their robust full span pH glass electrode and stable reference electrode, which can provide many months of reliable, precision measurement versus standard electrodes that may only last for a few cycles. The longer-life SE Series pH electrodes reduce the need for frequent sensor maintenance, saving technician labor and cutting replacement part expenses to lower overall plant production cost.

Various insertion lengths are available for the SE Series electrodes to meet the requirements of top entry and side entry reactors. Standard insertion lengths are 120, 225, 325 or 425 mm. Three detachable cable/connector cap styles are available. They include the VarioPin VP6, S8 or K8S, and the process connection for each connector is PG13.5. The highly flexible design of the SE Series electrodes allows them to be used in a wide range of applications from R&D pilot reactors to large scale production vessels.

The SF Series fitting features a triclamp and 25 mm port fittings. The 25mm port fitting is available with a standard 1.6 inch (42 mm) insertion length, common on most installations or a longer 2.4 inch (61 mm) insertion length that may be needed on some B. Braun vessels. Sanitary flange fittings are available in 1.5 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch diameters and various insertion depths.

For a complete analyzer system solution, the SE Series electrodes and SF Series fittings can be combined with ECD’s Model T23 and T28 Transmitters or with the C22 Multi-Channel Controller. They provide a highly accurate and reliable system for pH measurement.

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