New CA-6 Colorimetric Online Analyzer Combines Reliability with Ease-of-Use

Plant engineers in search of a user-friendly and cost-effective measurement solution for water or wastewater will find the new CA-6 Colorimetric Online Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices performs colorimetric or Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) based laboratory analyses accurately and reliably.

The CA-6 precision online sequential sampling analyzer is easy to install, weighing less than 40 lbs. it can be wall mounted or simply set on a bench. Next connect the sample, waste and reagent lines to the analyzer and provide power, the CA-6 will begin its preprogrammed analysis sequence. The CA-6 is available with up to 4 channels (optional) each from a separate sample point. A simple, user-friendly menu structure and touchscreen interface makes it easy to access information or customize analyses.

The CA-6 utilizes photometric differential absorbance to analyze over 20 common parameters, including: aluminum, silica, phosphate, iron and sulfate. It offers repeatability of ±2% on the absorbance value if the turbidity <80 NTU and drift of ±2% per month on the absorbance measurement. It operates in a wide temperature range of 5 to 50°C.

Several ISE based analyses require significant sample conditioning before an accurate measurement can be made. The advanced CA-6 Analyzer improves these measurements by reducing the volume of conditioning chemicals required and minimizing the associated waste. With the CA-6, the result is a faster, accurate measurement requiring fewer consumables with less waste to reduce overall operating costs — saving labor and money.

The CA-6 analyzer home screen displays the measured parameter, analyzer status, percent reagent volumes time and the Menu Bar. The menu bar provides access to the Run, Display, Program, Service and Help menus. The CA-6 includes two alarm relay outputs and a 4-20 mA channel that connects with PLC’s or distributed control systems.

The reliable CA-6 is housed in a rugged cold rolled steel cabinet that is epoxy powder coated. It features two separate compartments that isolate liquids and electronics. The liquids enclosure houses all the components necessary for sampling and reagent flow, mixing and reaction stages (sampling pump, reagent micro-pumps and colorimetric reaction cell). The electronics enclosure contains the main power supply, the controller printed circuit board assembly and the touchscreen interface.

Numerous analysis configurations can be programmed with the CA-6, depending on the accessories and the number of micro-pumps mounted in the liquids enclosure. Customizing analysis routines and accessing information is easily accomplished via the touchscreen with the unit’s simple menu structure and function commands.