Industrial Boiler Water Treatment Systems Rely On Multifunction Analyzer with Cation Sensors

Electric Power Generation, Electronic Components, Oil/Gas Refining, Water Re-Use

Anaheim, CA—May 25, 2021—Process and plant engineers responsible for contaminant-free in-plant water treatment systems for heating, cooling, rinsing, washing and effluent treatment will find that the CE800 Series Analyzers from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) detect a wide range of contaminants, which contribute to the build-up of corrosion and scale in boilers, turbines, piping and other expensive equipment that requires maintenance and shortens life.

The ECD CE800 Series Analyzers are a family of on-line cation conductivity analyzers. Cation conductivity, also known as acid conductivity and conductivity after cation exchange, is the measure of electrolytic conductivity of a liquid sample after that liquid sample has passed through an ion exchange resin column containing cation resin. The conductivity of makeup water, feed water and condensate after passing through this column of strongly acid cation exchanger resin is an important chemical measurement used in steam generating power and other industrial plants depending on boilers for steam process heating and/or plant HVAC.

The CE800 Cation Conductivity Analyzers also measure pH, which provides an additional parameter of importance to ensure water quality of the plant. The cation resin converts low conductivity mineral ions such as sodium (NA+), calcium (Ca++) and magnesium (Mg++) to form an acid, which has a high conductivity level hydrogen ion (H+). As this acid form has a conductivity that is three- to six-times greater than the corresponding salt, the sensor is much more sensitive, effective and reliable in measuring water impurities than other methods.

Oxygen (O2) scavengers, such as ammonia and amines, which skew to high values, are removed af¬ter exposure to the cation resin. This method provides an accurate indication measurement of impurities in the medium. The CE800 also has the option to measure pH levels using ECD S80 high purity water electrode sensor. Measuring pH levels provides a secondary indication of possible water contamination.

The CE800 Analyzer is available as a panel mount or enclosure system with the option of one or two channel measurement streams. The CE 800 is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet individual plant or unique process needs. The CE800 features ECD’s highly intelligent T80 Transmitter and S80 Sensor (resistivity, conductivity, or pH) along with a refillable cation resin column. The precision S80 Sensor digitally communicates with the T80 Transmitter, automatically configuring the transmitter’s menus and display screens to the chosen parameter, including conductivity, resistivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, ORP and specific ions.

ECD’s “plug-and-play” CE800 Cation Conductivity Analyzers are easy to start up and use, simply connect the sample lines and then power up the factory calibrated analyzer. Enclosure with wall mounting hardware is standard. The analyzer utilizes the complete capabilities of the ECD T80 Transmitters and S80 sensors for conductivity and pH or other measurement capabilities if so desired.

The CE800 system is available with the 24 VDC or 110/220 VAC with optional alarm relay and digital bus communications (MODBUS RTU or Hart). The T80 Transmitter features an easy-to-read LCD graphic display with numerical information. The menu structure is highly intuitive, easy to navigate and configure. There are no special tools needed or complex training required prior to installation. Typically, a single technician requires no more than 30 to 45 minutes for set-up the system.