Inductive Conductivity Analyzer

Inductive Conductivity Sensors – Model S80 IC

S80 Inductive Conductivity Sensors

The measurement of electrolytic conductivity is used to determine the amount of dissolved ionized material in a solution. It is most commonly made by measuring the electrical conductivity between two metallic electrodes placed into the solution. Inductive Conductivity is a non-contacting conductivity measurement made between two toroidal magnetic coils located inside a sensor that are inductively coupled through the solution’s conductivity. Since the toroidal coils are located inside the sensor’s PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) body, the inductive sensors are ideal for applications where corrosion or coating of the metallic electrodes will occur.  Inductive sensors excel in the higher conductivity ranges and in applications where coating is a problem. The chemically resistant PVDF (KYNAR) body is excellent for corrosive environments. These sensors are ideal for measuring high conductivity solutions and % concentration measurements. The measurement range of the inductive sensor is from 50 µS to 1000 mS. The Model S80 Inductive Conductivity sensors have the same ¾” diameter body as the rest of the S80 sensors. A wide array of installation methods are available, insertion into a pipe with a compression fitting or a valve retractable design for entry and removal into a pipe without shutting off the flow. Immersion into tanks or channels with a stand pipe and various flow cells are also available.

S80 sensors are a family of digital sensors designed for use with ECD digital analyzers, the Model T80 and X80 transmitters. The S80 sensors convert the analog signals into a temperature compensated digital protocol that allows two way communications with the transmitter. The type of sensor, identity and serial number are stored in the sensor’s memory along with three calibration registers. When connected to an ECD digital analyzer the sensor’s identity and calibration information are uploaded to the analyzer which configures the displays and outputs to the values appropriate to the sensor’s measured parameter.