ECD 2010 CD

ECD 2010 CD Product Catalog Now Available

Process and plant engineers in search of advanced industrial analytical instrumentation solutions will find the new Electro-Chemical Devices, Inc., provides them with applications guidance and valuable installation tips for devices measuring pH, oxidation reduction potential (ORP), specific-ion (pION), conductivity and resistivity, dissolved oxygen (DO), Turbidity, HYDRA Nitrate and HYDRA Ammonium, as well as free and total Chlorine.

ECD’s 2010 CD Catalog features an expanded product line, with new devices designed to measure Ammonium, Turbidity and DO. The new, virtually maintenance-free HYDRA Ammonium Sensor, featuring reliable ISE technology, is designed for direct nutrient load (NH4+) monitoring in the aeration basins of Waste Water Treatment Plants. The new Triton TR8 Turbidity Analyzer is a nephelometric sensor designed for use in water and wastewater. The Triton DO8 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor, designed for environmental water, excels in aeration basins, fish farms or municipal applications.

ECD’s wide line of liquid analytical products includes Sensors, Transmitters, Controllers, and Portable Analyzers. The company offers Engineered Systems for Cooling Tower Control or Boiler Blowdown Control as well as user defined customized products. Featuring rugged industrial designs, they are suitable for a wide range of applications in corrosive, extreme temperature, explosive and other demanding conditions.

ECD’s advanced liquid analytical instruments and sensors provide the extreme accuracy, reliability, durability and quick response demanded in many different industries, such as Biotech, Chemical, Food/Beverage, Metals/Mining, Oil/Gas Refining, Pharmaceutical, Pulp/Paper, Semiconductor and water/wastewater treatment. Wherever accurate measurement combined with applications flexibility and long-life are required, the company’s analytical instruments are frequently the industry’ choice based on their proven performance, reliability, ease-of-maintenance and low cost of ownership.