ECD Analyzers, Controllers, and Transmitters

ECD Analyzers, Controllers, and Transmitters can provide measurement signals, control outputs and feedback loops for your complete integrated system. ECD instruments are available as complete turn key analyzers, panel mounted systems or independent controllers with field mounting inline sensors.

Control outputs include: 4 to 20 mA output, serial comm MODBUS, HART Comm, and/or Relay. Choose from the different configurations for your control requirements.

Chlorine Analyzers

No Reagents Required

Total Chlorine Analyzer - TC80

Boiler Blowdown

Sample Cooling Systems

boiler water sample system

CA-6 Colorimetric Analyzers

SMS-22 Sulfide Analyzer

T80 Universal Transmitters

Cooling Tower Controllers

Seawater Chlorine Analzyers

Seawater DeChlorination Analyzer DCA-23