Compact Universal Toroidal Sensors for Highly Accurate Conductivity Measurement

Ideal for Crowded Piping and Equipment Locations

The precise measurement of conductivity in cramped industrial process and manufacturing operations has never been more convenient than with the highly reliable Models S10 and S17 Universal Toroidal Conductivity Sensors from Electro-Chemical Devices, Inc. (ECD).

ECD’s Model S10 and S17 Universal Toroidal Conductvity Sensors feature a standard measurement range from 50 to 1000 mS. These inductive sensors are built with the toroids in line with the axis of the sensor instead of perpendicular to the axis as is commonly employed. This allows for the smaller diameter and shorter inductive path length so beneficial to this compact design.

With a compact 0.75-inch (19.05 mm) diameter sensor body design, the Model S10 and S17 Conductivity Sensors are ideal for use in tight places. They operate effectively in pipes as small as 1.5-inches (38.1 mm) in diameter, which is up to 5 times smaller than typical conductivity measurement devices. They fit readily into existing pipes without the need to re-plumb the flow cell.

Featuring a rugged Kynar® PVDF plastic body that is sealed, the Model S10 and S17 Conductivity Sensors are ideal for harsh industrial applications, including resin bed regeneration, acid and alkaline scrubbers, metal plating baths and wastewater treatment. They withstand harsh liquids such as acids, coolants or others where corrosion and scaling are problematic.

ECD’s Model S10 Universal Toroidal Conductivity Sensor is an immersion or insertion style device, and the Model S17 is a valve retractable style device. The ECD S10 and S17 Universal Toroidal Sensors for Conductivity are compatible with ECD’s transmitters and controllers. The T23 and T28 loop powered transmitters are easy to use with either NEMA 4X, T23, or explosion proof, T28, area classifications. The C22 controller has dual sensor inputs that allow any combination of measurements and outputs to be combined in one easy to use controller.

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