Model L20 pH/ORP

The Model L20 pH/ORP/Temperature meter is an AC line powered or battery powered precision instrument. The Model L20 features auto buffer recognition during calibration for both USA Standard and NIST pH buffers. The L20 has automatic temperature compensation and it monitors the electrode’s slope and offset reporting the electrodes efficiency assuring that the measurement is correct.

Model L20 Conductivity

The Model L20C is a precision tool that measures Conductivity, TDS and Temperature. A built-in microprocessor stores, calculates and compensate for all parameters related to Conductivity, TDS and Temperature determinations. A few keystrokes will adjust all the parameters for conductivity and will also give the user the option to select four types (0.01, 0.1, 1.0, 10.0) of probe cell constant for a better selection of available probes and applications.