Hazardous Location Free Chlorine Analyzer – Model FCX80

FCX80 Haz Loc Free Cl2 Analyzer

Hazardous Location Transmitter

Key Features include:

1. No Reagents Required: the FCX80 Free Chlorine Analyzer sensor technology and automatic pH compensation is a reagentless design and keep the cost of ownership low without having expensive reagents.

2. Compliant with EPA Method 334.0

3. Automatic Flow Control and Large Flow Tubes and Cells: greatly reduces clogs and blockages of the analyzer which is a common problem in other free chlorine analyzers and allows for easy cleaning.

4. Panel Mounted System Plumb and Play Design: the Free Chlorine Analyzer comes complete and is easy to install and ready to use.

5. X80 Analyzer Capability: Dual Measurements (2) 4 to 20 mA output, MODBUS and/or HART communication, (3) Alarm Relays, 24 VDC

6. Hazardous Locations: The X80 with Sensors are ATEX and IECEx or FM approved

The FCX80 is a panel mounted, ready to use Free Chlorine Analyzer intended for hazardous locations. It is designed to monitor free chlorine in drinking water, rinse water, cooling water or other water samples from 0.05 – 20 ppm chlorine as the standard range or 0.01 – 5.00 ppm with the low range sensor. The FCX80 is compliant with EPA method 334.0 for measuring drinking water. The FCX80 features a plug and play design that incorporates a constant head flow control device, a pH sensor, a chlorine sensor and the X80 analyzer/
transmitter conveniently mounted on a panel. Connect the sample and drain lines, connect the power and outputs and it is ready to use. Calibration is accomplished by DPD comparison. Free chlorine exists in solution as a pH dependent ratio of hypochlorous acid (~100% at pH 5) and hypochlorite ion (~100% at pH 10). The Free
Chlorine Sensor measures only the hypochlorous acid component of the free chlorine and the analyzer calculates the balance using either the measured pH or a user defined fixed value. The use of the pH sensor provides accurate compensation for samples between pH 6 and pH 9 eliminating the need for expensive sample conditioning systems to control the pH of the solution.

The X80 is 24 VDC powered and allows either parameter to be graphically displayed with user defined Line, Bar or Guage style graphs. The standard configuration has (2) 4-20mA outputs, (3) alarm relays and MODBUS RTU. Amperometric chlorine sensors are flow sensitive, and a “Constant head” Flow control Device (CFD) maintains the optimum flow past the sensor over a wide range of incoming sample flow rates. The minimum flow required for the CFD is 10 gal/hr and the maximum flow is 80 gal/hr with the sample going to drain at atmospheric pressure.

Hazardous Locations – Refer to X80 Transmitter Data Sheets for ATEX or IECEx or FM approvals
and hazardous location information.